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KISS your computer information systems

When you Keep It Simple, information systems are easier to learn, easier to use and easier to understand.

Without the expense and time of programmers, key users who understand an information system can use reporting tools to develop special reports as needed to increase the utility and productivity of the system.

Keep It Smart The computer system should be built smart to allow easy input and update of simple data. But also allow complex operations to be performed with a minimum of effort and time. This is sometimes difficult to attain, but a significant effort to keep the system understandable can be pay dividends in its utility and productivity.

When you build a KISS system you define a limited number of building blocks that will be used through out the system. These blocks would operate in a manner consistent with established standards (like Windows for example). They would have extensions that would allow special features needed for the complex requirements of the applications. By using just a few, simple to understand building blocks, you reduce the cost to develop and maintain the system. You reduce the time and effort to learn to use the system and you reduce the education and experience required for all people using, developing and maintaining the system. This all leads to a less costly more productive system.

KISS leads to a systems that can be built with the use of computer code generators. Source code conversion from older application languages like Clipper can be automated with code translators. These two techniques can dramatically reduce the time to convert old applications and write new ones.



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