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  When Ken Clement founded  Clement Computer Systems in November 1981, he  had
many years of experience using computers. Years before he had taken a leave of absence from the electrical engineering PHD program at the University of California Santa Barbara to join General Electric in the computer time sharing business.

Ken has assisted people with all levels of computer experience and education. He has adopted a philosophy with a long history that he characterizes as Keep It Simple Smart . This philosophy attempts to make computer information systems easily accessible to and usable by all. It emphasizes planning to structure systems to accommodate complex tasks performed by highly knowledgeable people.

Over the last decade Ken has worked with a sewer district to slowly build a computer information system that reflects the KISS philosophy.  The WasteWater Management System provides simple input and viewing screens that can be quickly mastered. The system uses a simple and easily understood data management system that is compatible with commonly used applications like Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access. It can be used as a stand alone program, in a computer network and over the internet.

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