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One of the Building Blocks, "Data Entry, Update and Viewing", is usually implemented as a series of forms or screens. These screens have boxes or areas for entering information. These are called controls. They become the building blocks for screens. Keeping with the KISS philosophy, there should be a small number of controls with easy to understand rules of use. These rules of use should be the same, where possible, as those of commonly used applications such as word processing and the windows operating system. Extension to the operations of these controls can be added to perform the special needs of the application.


bulletText Box
bulletText Box Extensions
bulletDrop Down Code Selection with Text Box
bulletCheck Box
bulletDate Selection Control



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  Text Box
  Normal operation
The text can be limited to a maximum number of characters based on the database definition or can be set by the control.
 Upper case only or lower case only can be selected on the control.



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  Text Box Extensions
  Extended operation
The text box can be used to input numeric values. By turning on formatting the numbers can be formatted according to their description in the database. Special formatting can be specified on the control to provide for special situations.

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  Drop Down Code Selection

with Text Box

  Extended operation
Upon entry a list of options drops down. Selection can be made by typing a few characters until the correct entry is highlighted and then pressing Tab or Enter Key. The selection can be made using the mouse if preferred.



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  Check Box


  Used to make a choice.



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  Date Selection Control


  Used to select a date



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