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Fair Oaks, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow July 10, 1995

Eye Sight Returns Slowly
Things To Do
Walking Tour July 25th
Remember Me? LOL in Purple

Eye Sight Returns Slowly

Publishing the Voice has been a real challenge as I continue to recover from my April 27th eye surgery to correct a detached retina. I have made good progress the last few weeks. The gas bubble that was put in my eye to keep the retina in place is almost gone, maybe another week. Then I will be able to return to more strenuous activities that include running and jumping. This last week I visited the optometrist to get a new contact for my right eye -- the operation made the eye more near sighted. He was able to fit me with a contact that corrects for my nearsightedness, but I still cannot read normal size print. Since vision can improve for up to six months following surgery, I still may recover my reading ability with my right eye. When I tried to use both eyes together I saw two images. My optometrist thought that the images were so far apart that he would have to correct the problem with glasses. But, I want to be able to play sports outdoors without glasses, so we decided to try to see if my brain would integrate the images with some practice. Well it has been a week now and most of the time I now see one image. Another hurdle overcome. At this point I am able to see trees, blue skies and clouds perfectly clear with both eyes and my depth perception seems good. With practice I have gotten to the point where I can read with both eyes (when I first got the new contact I had to cover my right eye to read). Still my eyes seem to get tired more quickly when I read. I am going to take it a little slow the next couple of months. So, the paper will not be printed on newsprint and may be a little smaller than I hoped. But, we will start printing the paper at least once a month on news print starting on September 5th.

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Things To Do


The Fair Oaks Theatre Festival presents "THE WOULD-BE GENTLEMAN" Friday, Saturday and Sunday now through July 23. See Opens To Great Reviews .

Music In The Park FREE!

Fair Oaks Chamber of Commerce is hosting four free musical concerts in Village Park this summer. See Music in the Park .

Saturday Walks

The Fair Oaks Sole Mates Walking Club schedules walks 3 to 4 Saturdays a month. See Calendar for July 15. For August Walks call Ann Daly 965-5166.

Paddle at Lake Natoma

Paddle leisurely on beautiful Lake Natoma (suitable for all canoes and kayaks) and a potluck dinner afterwards. Please bring you own plate, eating utensils and dish to share. Meet at Willow Creek lake access at 6:00 p.m. Launch promply at 6:30 p.m. The evening are usually finished at dusk. Those without boats or other equipment or for more information, call John Webster at 961-9033.

Golf Tournament

The MacHuss Memorial Golf Tournament will be held at Mather Air Force Base Friday August 25th. Call Fair Oaks Chamber of Commerce for details at 967-2903.

Team Tennis Night

Fair Oaks night at the Capitals Team Tennis will be held Monday July 24th at Gold River. The gates will open at 6:00pm and the match will start at 7:00pm. Tickets can be purchased for $15 at Oaks Hardware, United Methodist Church or the Chamber of Commerce. Call Oaks Hardware for further information at 967-5225.

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Walking Tour July 25th


Continuing the community-wide celebration of the Fair Oaks Centennial, the July 25, 1995 meeting of the Fair Oaks Historical Society will feature a walking tour of historical sites in Fair Oaks Village. The tour, which is being planned carefully by longtime residents and Society members Iva Langness and Lois Frazier, will focus on twelve buildings or sites that were significant in the period from 1900 to 1920 (library, school, Slocum house, Slocum-Gore store site, Vaugh barbershop, Gore-Slocum bank, Conkley house, Murphy Block, butcher shop, ice house, plaza and Land & Stage Company.)

The Fair Oaks Historical Society invites the community to share in this special meeting which will include a potluck dinner, beginning at 6:00 p.m. at the Community Clubhouse in Fair Oaks Village. Please bring a potluck main dish, salad or vegetable dish and enjoy the fun and education. Young and old are welcome. For those who cannot attend, additional walking tours are planned for each Sunday beginning August 6. For more information call Society President Ralph Carhart at 961-6301.

Also, don’t forget to reserve a spot at the Centennial Committee’s special Gold River Celebrity Tennis Tournament on July 24. Call Warren McWilliams at 961-9012 or 967-5225 for tickets or information.

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Remember Me?

The Little Old Lady (LOL) in Purple

by Gail James

Of late THE Lady attended the wonderful "Taste of Fair Oaks" at the Fair Oaks Community Center, June 23rd, Friday.

I sauntered in without any preconceived notions of the feast. WOW, the FESTIVAL HAD BEGUN!... Greeters, balloons, white table cloths, wine glasses and plates all poised for the wide selection of food, wine and soft drinks.

Where to begin? I thought quiet observation would be good... but, putting that aside for my OFFICIAL duties as a taster at this affair I dug right in.

Desserts from TIVOLI GARDEN: 863-1765 I tried a generous portion of Chocolate Kahlua Truffle Torte. A hmmmmmm for a chocolate lover.

The hot evening made the light Swedish Princess Torte even more mouth-watering. Hooray, I'd do this again!

Since the LOL is a world traveler (Rio Linda and back for those who need to know) I tried to taste things I would not have ordered in a restaurant. However, I fell to a succulent roast beef done by Custom Catering 635-6692. I went back for seconds.

There was a nice selection of wines from the surrounding counties. I fell to the taste, BOUQUET (all those vintner words) of Sierra Vista's Cabernet Sauvignon 1992 and Fleur DE Montgne 1992. Trust me, I didn't "Swish and Spit"!!

As I made the rounds I discovered a new business: EN HOUSE BAR-B-QUE. Just getting started on Winding and San Juan 966-2155. The Bar-B-Que ribs and chicken wings, potato salad & beans have the promise of a great, close-to-home Bar-B-Que.

Slocom House 961-7211, had a light Oriental Duck salad to die for.

Que Pasta 967-4668, was serving several dishes and I was running out of room anywhere in my body to put food. My taste buds were yelling at me STOP!! But never listening to the voice of authority, I went on to the marinated beef strips and pesto pasta, both wonderful.

Many other wonderful restaurants and caterers were present: El Toritos, Steve's Pizza, Catering Unlimited 725-7877, Shari's Bear'ys 482-3279....and many more taste treats I could have tried.

If you weren't there, you should have been. You would have tasted wonderful food and drink from the area. Perhaps you would have been able to taste more than I.

In addition to the tasting, the conversations, visiting, comparing, introductions, head-nodding and toasting were worth the price of the ticket. Next time, GO!!


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Opens To Great Reviews

The 1995 Fair Oaks Theater Festival opened July 16th to great reviews. The comedy and music continue through Sunday July 23rd.

This is the 13th season of theatre under the stars, a special salute to the Fair Oaks Centennial. Moliere’s classic comedy about the original gentleman wannabe "THE WOULD-BE GENTLEMAN" has been adapted by well-known local playwright, actor and director Robert Irvin into a turn-of-the-century star-spangled farce, featuring songs and dance, fireworks and fol-de-rol! The large and talented cast, live music and elaborate costumes promise another delightful evening of fun for the whole family. Don’t miss the elaborate pre-show and sing-along to "The Man on the Flying Trapeze", "Bicycle Built for Two" and other favorites, followed by a fast-paced romp through 1890’s America!

The play is presented Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays through July 23rd. The show starts at 8:30 pm with the pre-show starting at 8 pm at Plaza Park Amphitheatre, Fair Oaks & California Streets in Old Fair Oaks Village. Tickets are $8 general, $6 Seniors, $6 students and $4 children. For reservations or more information call 966-3683.

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