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Have you ever thought about how kids how kids feel about the environment or crime? You'd be surprised! Kids actually care about what's going on in the world around them.

The kids in our class were asked what we thought a newspaper in the 21st century would look like. We think that in the future the news would be in color and come on a CD-ROM or phone wire instead of on paper. When you buy a subscription, you get a CD. You insert the CD into a computer with a large "touch" screen and an agent asks what you want to know and goes to get it for you. The agent can get things off of the CD, or the agent can "watch" the news and report to you when news comes in. In the future you could read an article or see a movie or actually experience the event as it happens in the eyes of the cameraman through virtual reality. In the future kids could put their point of view in the newspaper by sending their ideas to the editor on the same wire the news comes in on. Kids could tell how they feel, and adults could learn how kids really feel.

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Since the Fair Oaks Voice is trying to be a newspaper of the 21st century, I asked some citizens of the 21st century at Fair Oaks School: "What will a 21st century newspaper be like?". As a result of their response I am going to include a kids section in the paper.

The agent referred to in the above article is a new kind of computer program that does the bidding of its user. An agent may search out the best flight among the various airlines according to the rules set by the computer user

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