The Fair Oaks Voice

Fair Oaks, California


First Issue May 1, 1995

Meet the Publisher April 24th

Come meet the publisher of the Voice. Ken Clement has been a Fair Oaks resident for almost 20 years. Tell him what you want in your local newspaper. The Voice is having a get together at the Village Park in Old Fair Oaks Monday April 24th from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM.

Fair Oaks Fiesta Prize

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Why would anyone want to become a newspaper publisher? Well it had better be a passion, because it seems to be an increasing challenge in modern America. I have to admit that I have enjoyed the last two weeks more than any work I can remember. I want this paper to be the Voice of Fair Oaks, to contribute to a sense of community and to promote local business. Most of all, I want it to be fun for Fair Oaks and me.

Fair Oaks on the Information Super Highway?

The Fair Oaks Voice is going to be available on Internet, also known as the Information Supper Highway. It will be an expanded version of the printed copy and available to subscribers free. A summary will be available to all Internet users, with complete access costing $2 per issue. Can we do it by May 1st?

Help Wanted

Employees are critical to the success of any business. I am looking for some talented people to fill positions as we grow. These will be part time positions at first. I might be able to make this paper successful with just the efforts of the employees of the Voice, but it will happen a lot quicker and better with help from volunteers. I want this to be a paper that represents the people of Fair Oaks and what better way than to have the people of fair Oaks help build it.

Special 1st Year Rate

Save $10 by subscribing during the introductory period through June 12, 1995. The yearly subscription rate of $25 is being reduced to $15. This guarantees you at least 15 issues of the Voice not including the free May 1st issue. Those subscribing by April 24th will be mailed the May 1st issue as well. While it is our intentions to make the Voice a weekly paper, the current production schedule calls for 3 issues in May; 1 issue in June, July and August; and 2 issues in September, October and November. If the number of subscriptions exceeds our expectations, we will move toward a weekly publication quicker. When the number of paid subscription reaches 1,000 we can publish every other week. Weekly production is planned when we reach 2,000 paid subscriptions.


During the first year of publication we will be looking for significant help from volunteers. We need people who can write reports on community events like board meetings, people who have word processing skills capable of translating written or verbal information into computer readable form and people who can help write informational columns on subjects like gardening. If you are interested in volunteering please fill in the following:



 Phone: __________________________________________

I would like to help by: 



Email to or Mail to The Fair Oaks Voice at the address below.


In the next six months as subscription growth allows, we will be adding people to our staff. Most of these positions will be part time. They include:

Office Manager
Production Manager
Word Processing
Advertising Sales
Further information will be in classified section of May 1st Voice. Send Resume or letter with qualifications to The Fair Oaks Voice at the address below.

Subscribe Now and Save:

Get $10 off the yearly subscription rate of $25. Subscribe by June 12, 1995. The current production schedule calls for 3 issues in May; 1 issue in June, July and August; and 2 issues in September, October and November. Make your $15 check payable to The Fair Oaks Voice.




Email address:__________________________________________

Mail to:
        The Fair Oaks Voice
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